The Central Station Maintenance



Medium loop is the optimal solution for your electrical system, expressed in safety features, reliability and economical. The requirement is to maintain a system of medium-voltage cabinets operate effectively over time. With years of experience in the field of medium voltage, we have the following analysis:

Causes damage:


In that causes “Operation and maintenance improper” highest occupied% contributing to equipment damage. Meet customer needs and requirements needed to ensure a safe electrical systems, continuous operation. Thien guarantee to give customers a flawless service of quality and safety.

Operational requirements:

– Read carefully the features, characteristics, how to use the manufacturer.

– Mastering the operation of each device in accordance with the technical requirements.

– Always check and monitor the unusual, the maintenance, quality management to make

and safety seriously.

– Staff installation, operation, maintenance and repair must be qualified and suitably qualified.

– Strict management and media people to avoid the risks and safety of the system.

– The operator must comply with safety regulations including safety regulation, quality assurance,

operational management, maintenance management, and emergency response measures, records and reports.

Our services:

1. Check general:

– Detect the physical damage of the cabinet and the equipment inside and outside the enclosure.

– Clean with a dedicated solution and vacuum extraction.

2. Check the impact:

– Check the operation closed, cutting and electric motor.

– Clean, grease exposed dedicated fire protection.

3. Check mower:

– Check the operation closed, cutting and electric motor.

– Clean, grease dedicated contact in the contact breaker.

– Check the insulation resistance between phase-to-phase and phase-to-peel.

– Check the contact resistance (μohm) between each pole of the breaker contacts.

4. Check busbar:

– Check, clean, tighten exposure.

– Measure the insulation resistance, dielectric insulation test.

5. Check earthing and interlock:

– Check system circuit to ground

– Check the indicator, interlock between the cutter, knife isolated, cabinet doors and ground to be able to operate

precise and secure.

6. Check the mower Protection Relay medium:

– Check the protective function by injecting the secondary flow and impact crash simulator.

– Check the connection in / out fit.

– Analysis of the setting in accordance with the load.

7. Check the current transformer (CT), voltage transformer (VT), the fuse.

– Check the protection level of CT, VT.

– Check insulation resistance value most coil secondary, the secondary.

– Check the fuse resistor values.

8. Proposal, recommendation, warranty:

– Report on the state of operational activities, the level of equipment aging.

– Propose and recommend customers take measures to remedy the situation and improve the system.

– Service 24/7. Thien An employee will be on hand to help customers analyze and solve all the problems related to the system maintained by the service of Thien AN.


Cut power before maintenance